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· asynchronous serial data input

· from 50 to 921.600 bps

· up to 64 GByte removable CF modules
· FAT32 file system
· small size and rugged construction
· wide temperature range

· low power / extended DC voltage supply input

· local or remote control / status indications

· Long term data-recording in remote / unattended sites.

· Onboard instrumentation & testing in severe environments:
  - railway vehicles

  - motorcycles, cars, trucks

  - armoured and heavy-duty vehicles

  - construction machinery

  - manned and unmanned aerial platforms

  - buoys, boats and vessels

gle/SDR+/100 is a standalone and rugged solid-state serial data recorder that can be easy used to log the data coming from a variety of transducers and systems equipped with a standard asynchronous serial interface.

This cost-effective solution allows to store the incoming RS 232C data, accordingly to FAT 32 file system, on a type I or type II CF card.
It has two serial ports: one for data input and the other for configuration. By using a PC terminal software (both ANSI mode or plain ASCII) it is possible to manage files, setup and communicate with the data port (pass-through mode), monitor recording status, set date and time, modify output messages, down load data, manipulate the storage media, enter record and stop modes, control when files are opened/closed, file naming, and date/time stamping.
Both the serial ports support RTS/CTS hardware handshaking for reliable high-speed communication.

For data sources requiring initialization, gle/SDR+/100 can store and transmit up to eight user-defined messages; each message is independent and can be sent when recording starts/stops or periodically at specific time intervals.
gle/SDR+/100 is equipped with real-time clock, power-saving, non-volatile memory and resume-on-power failure features.
Its control is possible both from front panel, that includes a record start/stop switch and status indicators, or via a remote control port that duplicates front panel functions.

Optionally it can be equipped with an internal gle/CNT-200 board in order to provide the capability to parse specific parameters from a RS 232 / 422 data stream. 

Recording speed

50 to 921600 bps 

Data formats

7/8 data bits; even/odd/none parity; 1/2 stop bits 

Handshaking modes


File format

FAT32 file system

Data buffering

576 k Bytes

Storage device

CompactFlash module up to 64 G Byte

Storage drive socket

CF type I and  II with ejector accessible from front panel door

Power requirements

5÷30 VDC unregulated (0.35W recording, 0.25W low power, 0.1W idle)

Operating temperature

-40º to +85ºC


5% to 95% relative, non condensing

Shock & Vibration


certifiable per MIL-STD 810F; designed to withstand: accelerations up to 20 g in all directions (continues), vibrations up to 20 g , shocks up to 10 g 11ms 3 axes


300 grams w/o CF card


aluminum die cast;  powder-coated satin black, similar to RAL 9005

Protection Class

IP 65, DIN VDE 0470 (mating connectors plugged in)


DB9 male for serial data; DB9 female for serial configuration; DB9 female for remote control; 3 way bayonet type 8ST0-08G98PN1 for DC power input

Due to continuous developments, specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This product is not intended for applications whose its failure to perform can be expected to cause damages to properties and/or persons and/or injury to human life.